Shiyamali Paranirupasingam

Shiyamali is the Digital Transformation Leader with a decade of experience working with world leading retailers and banks in Canada and the UK. She is a trailblazer and passionate about building community, business, innovative technology, creative projects and social impact work.

Her love for technology, creativity and arts intersected and as a result she founded an international fashion jewelry brand L’Amour Pearls.

Shiyamali is an advocate for women in technology with a focus on cognitive equity, diversity and inclusion, and she was instrumental in launching the first Women in Artificial Intelligence (WAI) Chapter in Toronto.

Shiyamali has founded an online platform “ Learn with Shiya'' to empower individuals from all walks of life to build confidence with technology.

She is an advisory partner for Digital Literacy Programs run by Markham Public Library and also delivers workshops on digital literacy around the globe. Her philanthropy efforts involve supporting vulnerable children and women by providing learning and vocational training opportunities.

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