Ahna Girshick

Telling Personalized Data-Driven Stories from Genetics and Family History

My story is unique to me: Who were my ancestors, who am I related to, and what does my family need to know to create a healthy future? Likewise, your story is unique to you. At AncestryDNA, we have leveraged the power of data to tell personalized unique stories to over 15M customers. I will share how we integrate genetics and family history using data science and applied machine learning methods to generate these personalized data-driven stories at scale.

Ahna Girshick is fascinated by the creative intersection of humans and technology. She has been an innovator in applying computational and machine learning methods to understanding neuroscience, health care, genetics and music. Ahna holds a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in Vision Science, and performed her postdoctoral research at New York University as an NIH Fellow.

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