Milie Taing


Artificial Intelligence must become non-magical to respect human dignity

How can magic and trust co-exist? Virtual Assistant brings credible promises for a smarter and more efficient work environment; with the condition that it gets trusted and used. In this session we will talk about the technical and human challenges building a Virtual Assistant to better coordinate work between collaborators in a corporate environment. After quickly putting in perspective human dignity and artificial intelligence, we will discuss about the user-acceptance challenge in the context of critical decision making. And we will conclude by reviewing some of the technics used to link context.

Milie is a French entrepreneur who founded when she figured out that project management tools needed to become more intelligent to better structure the project team. Any outstanding Project Manager combines great communication, organizational and prediction skills. This is the perfect scenario for an Artificial Intelligence to jump in and bring its organizational skills, its ability to customize communication and to optimize a massive database; if accepted by users. Her goal with is to reduce human frictions related to project management by leveraging artificial intelligence techniques for portfolio schedule optimization, data driven decision and smart reporting. is in beta-testing mode at major corporations.

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