Jimoh Ovbiagele

CTO & Co-Founder
ROSS Intelligence

ROSS: The New Member of Your Legal Team

Lawyers today are overwhelmed with information. 3 million new laws get published every single year. Currently, lawyers use legal search engines that have confusing user interfaces, require complicated search syntax, and return thousands of irrelevant results. Lawyers can send ROSS their research questions by email, and it will use machine learning and natural language understanding techniques like deep learning, entity-relational analysis, and deep dependency parsing to read the law and find their answers. This talk is about how some of these techniques can be used to create natural interfaces to find information.

As someone who started programming at age 10, Jimoh Ovbiagele has kept himself busy. In the past, Ovbiagele has worked on self-driving cars, built text-prediction software for wearable tech, led a team of developers at an industry leading design agency, and all this before the age of 21 when he came up with the idea for and co-founded ROSS Intelligence in 2015. As ROSS Intelligence’s CTO, Ovbiagele leads the development team behind ROSS, the artificially intelligent lawyer.

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