Vanessa Diaz

A Future of Medical Avatars: Personalised Medicine, Digital Healthcare and the Rise of the Digital Patient

We are witnessing the dawn of a revolution in healthcare. Using computer models, we'll be able to create 'virtual twins' for each of us, that will be the most up-to-date version of ourselves in medical terms. These will become digital patients in hospitals; enabling doctors to tailor medical treatment and test drug efficacy virtually, before giving it to us & make predictions way into the future of potential outcomes - in a nutshell, manage our disease and provide truly personal healthcare. This talk will explore this possible future showing what is already happening today.

Vanessa Diaz is a Senior Lecturer in Bioengineering at University College London and is an expert in computational biomedicine, being one of the co-authors of the first book on the topic (“Computational Biomedicine”, Oxford University Press, 2014). Vanessa is mainly interested in the development and use of multi-scale computational tools and models in digital healthcare, especially in the cardiovascular field, which is the main focus of her scientific work. Vanessa has also been a champion of the development of a “Digital Patient”; a “virtual twin” concept, key in personalised medicine and she was the PI of the project “DISCIPULUS”, which was tasked by the European Commission with developing a roadmap towards the digital patient. Vanessa is also the lead of the “Multiscale Cardiovascular Engineering” group (MUSE; in UCL.

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