Stewart Nickolas

The Information Experience

We are awash in a continuous information experience which is evolving to be immersive, experiential and multi-modal. We are probing, prodding, feeding and transforming information; the journey is continuous in most aspects of our life. How we can gain new insights and efficiencies using new and evolving interaction patterns? We’ll explore how application experiences are becoming contextual across a variety of devices, enabling data to come to us in context when needed. As the environment around us becomes smarter, how do our interaction patterns change? We see conversational computing changing the way we interact, from our environment understanding our behavior to us directly prescribing behaviors through conversations, beyond simple command-and-control.

Stew Nickolas is an IBM Distinguished Engineer working in the IBM Emerging Internet Technologies organization where he has led several projects focused on new and evolving technologies that represent future business opportunities. As a Distinguished Engineer, Stew is involved at all levels of development, from strategy & investment to product planning and development. Most recently Stew has led efforts driving IBM adoption of Platform as a Service (IBM Bluemix), Big Data analytics, IBM Watson productization and collaborative development environments.

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