Ryan Genz

The Internet of Fashionable Things

CuteCircuit is a fashion brand and a pioneer in the field of wearable technology. Founded over a decade ago, CuteCircuit sparked the fashion and technology revolution through the introduction of groundbreaking designs and concepts that merge the worlds of fashion, design and telecommunication. CuteCircuit introduced internet connected clothing and touch (haptic) telecommunication with products such as the Hug Shirt in 2002 (awarded by Time magazine as one of the Best Inventions of the Year in 2006). The Galaxy Dress introduced in 2008 (part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago) remains today the world’s largest wearable luminous display, a magical garment. Social media connected clothing such as the world’s first haute couture Twitter Dress was introduced in 2012. CuteCircuit became the first fashion label to put wearable technology on the red carpet when Katy Perry wore their gown to the Met Gala in 2010, and the same year CuteCircuit introduced the first line of technologically advanced ready-to-wear at Selfridges in London. The latest collection presented on schedule at New York Fashion week introduces haute couture and ready-to-wear fashions that can be controlled via smartphone app to allow the wearer to change the colour and functionality of their garments at the touch of a button.

All CuteCircuit garments are designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. Ryan is formally trained as anartist, anthropologist and ultimately Interaction Designer focusing on Wearable Technology andholds patents and patents pending for wearable technologies. CuteCircuit’s Designers share their passion for fashion worldwide by participating in conferences and events where they speak on subjects of innovation, the future of fashion and design. Always endeavouring to create something resonant, fashionable, visually and emotionally attractive; their work is frequently featured in numerous books and publications on design, fashion and innovation

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