Rob Russell

Prognostics and the City

Rob will talk about machine prognostics and make the link to how the high levels of connectivity will lead to improved reliability and availability of city infrastructure. Explaining how previous experience implementing solutions in high-end sectors and seeing the benefits, formed the vision for Senseye and their product PROGNOSYS. Lowering the barriers to entry through the use of machine learning and embedding domain knowledge that makes a complex problem space finite and turning prognostic capability into a commodity.

Rob is the Chief Technology Officer at Senseye, with a BEng in Mechanical Systems Engineering. He has spent the last 20 years designing and deploying asset management and condition monitoring systems within the aerospace, defence and transport sectors. Having a mechanical engineering background in the software sector has enabled Rob to bridge the gap between the end user and the software teams he leads. Now in Senseye this experience in guiding the vision for the development of PROGNOSYS the first complete machine prognostic solution, fit for the Industrial Internet of Things. Rob is passionate about maximising asset and equipment usage but believes in keeping things simple.

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