Pierre Paslier

Spatial intelligence and 3D sketching

Gravity Sketch is a tool to create 3D digital shapes in a quick and intuitive way. Our tool is a multi-platform software that can interface with a tablet, a computer or a virtual reality headset to help you understand and manipulate a 3D shape based on your spatial awareness.

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences states that people, throughout their lives, become stronger in some of the nine intelligences. People in creative industries such as design and engineering have developed a stronger spatial intelligence, however the available tools are based on linguistics and logic and neglect the spatial awareness needed in order to design intuitively.

Taking into consideration the basic human behaviour of quickly communicating ideas in 2D and augmenting it with the possibility of moving them in space and connecting them with other 2D lines to create 3D drawings as simple as sketching on a piece of paper. What would take 3 hours of making and 1 year of learning in regular CAD software, takes 5 minutes and 20 minutes of learning in Gravity Sketch.

Pierre is a London-based Innovation Design Engineer. He is a Masters graduate of the RCA’s Innovation Design Engineering programme (MA & MSci) and INSA de Lyon (MEng). Before joining the RCA, Pierre worked as packaging engineer for L'Oréal. His experimental approach combined with a user-centered design has proven to drive highly disruptive ideas towards reality. This passion for innovation led him to co-found two startups, Skipping Rocks Lab and Gravity Sketch. He has given a number of conferences about his projects including a TEDx Talk in Athens. Pierre likes to take on challenges where both his technical and design skills will be necessary to deliver radical innovation.

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