Marek Rosa

Three Pillars of Successful General AI Development

Why hasn’t general AI already been developed? Our answer: in order to successfully build general artificial intelligence, it is necessary to have the following: 1) Correct cognitive architecture; 2) Correct neural network modules within the architecture; and 3) The right training environment, which we call a “school” for AIs. It is necessary to test if certain abilities are present before the AI moves on to more complex stages. This school allows the AIs to engage in gradual learning – to build new knowledge on top of existing knowledge. This school for AI also involves ethics, as this is where AIs learn to value the things that humans value, to behave ethically, and to consider the safety of humans. The focus of the presentation will be primarily on point #3, and will cover GoodAI’s development process, approach, setbacks, and successes.

Marek is the CEO and founder of two Prague-based companies: Keen Software House, an independent video game development studio, and GoodAI, a general artificial intelligence R&D company. Keen Software House is best known for its sandbox best-sellers Space Engineers (1.5mil+ copies sold) and Medieval Engineers. Marek started the company as the sole programmer but later took on a leadership role when he transitioned to CEO. Marek has been fascinated with artificial intelligence since childhood. After the success of the Keen Software House titles, Marek was able to personally invest $10M USD in a new general AI research project trying to build human-level artificial intelligence. The project, now known as GoodAI, was announced as a company in July 2015 and has grown to a team of 30 people.

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