Juan Moreno

Bioinspired Management of Interactions During Walking Assisted by Compliant Wearable Exoskeletons

To be successful, autonomous active exoskeletons require a robust human-machine interface for the control, able to understand patient’s intention and contribution to the movement. The concept of symbiotic interaction is proposed to improve the management of interactions that take place when humans are assisted to walk with ambulant exoskeletons. The talk will discuss the latest progresses and clinical findings of most advanced gait exoskeletons for treatment of neurological diseases that affect human mobility. The particular approach adopted in the BioMot exoskeleton to exploit dynamic sensory-motor interactions to improve the interaction of human users will be presented. The research and results of application of such cognitive architecture exploiting neuronal control and learning mechanisms will be presented and discussed.

Dr. Juan Moreno is with CSIC since 2001. He received the degree in automatics engineering from U. La Salle and since 2001 he has been with CSIC, developing and studying the lower leg orthosis GAIT at the Bioengineering Group, and received the Ph.D. in Engineering in 2006. He has scientifically and technically coordinated a number of projects in the field of assistive technologies and robotics (5FP EU project GAIT, FP6 EU project ESBIRRO, FP7 EU project BETTER). In 2012 Dr. Moreno has been awarded for his research track as young investigator with the TR35 Spain award by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) journal, Technology Review for his innovative work on Wearable Exoskeletons for rehabilitation. Currently Dr. Moreno is the technical & scientific head of the locomotion cluster in the Bioengineering Group, leading developments of lower limb devices for rehabilitation. He is the Principal Investigator of the BioMot EU Project of the FET-Proactive Initiative on Symbiotic human-machine interaction.

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