Jonathan Keeling

The Future of Smart Cities

It is estimated that by 2050, 75% of the 9bn population will be living in cities. Meeting that energy demand in the urban environment requires a new solution within the energy mix. Wind and Solar are costly and inefficient in cities due to shadowing from high-rise buildings and limited roof space, as well as temperamental weather conditions. We at Pavegen have the solution - using an innovative, unique flooring technology to harness energy from footsteps.

Jonathan is Head of Business Development managing an international distributor network in over 10 countries worldwide as well as leading the Business Development Team at Pavegen. As a result of his tenacious business acumen and harnessing his MSc in Sustainable Development; Pavegen has worked and partnered with an extensive list of large blue chip clients including; WWF, Adidas, Centrica, Nike, Siemens, & Network Rail. As a confident and inspiring orator, Jonathan has attended numerous speaking events across the globe. Highlights include TEDxLondon ‘City 2.0’, GREAT Festival of Creativity in Istanbul as part of the GREAT Britain campaign.

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