Charlotte Downs

3D Hubs: 3D Printing Accessible to Everyone

3D Hubs was founded out of frustration that the industry was not delivering on the promise of 3D printing to decentralize manufacturing. In 2013 3D Hubs started its mission to connect all 3D printers globally into one online platform and make them locally accessible. By connecting everyone to nearby 3D Printer owners, 3D Hubs is accelerating a future of local and on-demand production. Today, 3D Hubs is already providing over one Billion people with access to 3D printing within 10 miles of their home.

Charlotte Downs — acts as the London Mayor for 3D Hubs lending her skills and expertise with Cinter to develop and grow the quickly emerging London 3D printing community. Charlotte is Managing Director at Cinter, an upstart engineering and design consultancy. Her focus: sustainability, systems, and supply lines. Charlotte’s background is in the fashion industry, she has led marketing campaigns and managed business for a high-end fashion brand. She has also served as ambassador for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and provided UX design and service/systems expertise for Onefinestay. Now as a Designer, Engineer, Tutor and Materials Scientist she wants to empower and engage learning across tech, additive manufacturing, disruptive technologies and future industry to benefit and promote positive economic and environmental change.

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