Brian Waterfield

Experiencing the Product

Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming more and more mainstream; especially in the gaming and entertainment markets. The thirst of their customer’s pushing the development of the “experience” to the maximum. Vehicle design and engineering is changing. Our designers want to get deeper into their creations, and our engineers want to understand how our customers think; all this long before we reach the physical world. Virtual reality and augmented reality are being developed at JLR to deliver the experience of our customers throughout the product development process

I have worked at Jaguar Land Rover for the last 14 years, and have evolved virtual reality and high-end visualisation over the pass 8. Technologies has always fascinated me and lead me back to university to achieve a master degree with distinction in Virtual reality, high-end visualisation gaming technology; which enabled me to apply this knowledge to the development of our vehicles.

I set up the VRcentre in 2008 which at the time lead the automotive world in resolution and functionally, it comprised of three walls and a ceiling offering 4x HD and multifunctional graphics. I have developed technics to enable visual perception of our brands DNA, along with ergonomic process that have aided the development of challenging design like the Evoque & F-type Over the past six year I have matured the virtual support and last year finish an extension to the VRcentre, renaming it the “virtual innovation centre” introducing state of the art technology and resources to further enhance virtual innovation. I am a strong believer in this technology changing the engineering and design landscape, so I continue to work with universities to achieve my goal to create the perceptual equivalent of the real world

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