Andrew Hudson-Smith

IoT, Big Data, Sensors & Cities: Joining Up, Communicating & Trusting 'Smart'

Data is everywhere yet it is far from joined up, coherent or used to make anything truly 'Smart'. The talk explores big data in London, how new visualisations can be used to make sense of data in the city. It examines how 'location' can be used to finally join everything together to help us not only understand the city around us but also our understanding of place and place in a world of sensors and IoT. Finally it looks into the opportunity that is the 'Smart Park' - the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a park with plans for 10,000's of sensors to provide a glimpse of the future.

Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith is Director of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at The Bartlett, University College London. Andy is a Reader in Digital Urban Systems and Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal, he is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Greater London Authority Smart London Board and Course Founder of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation and MSc in Smart Cities at University College London.

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