Alessandro Crimi

Rural Community Projects in Ghana using Mobile Phones & Drones

Rural areas of low-income countries present several challenges. We have already carried out successfully a project in rural areas in Ghana about prenatal care using mobile phones and remote ultrasound machines.

In the already existing network, we are now delivering rare medical supplies using drones, setting up a company called Medrone. We use drones endowed with artificial vision, allowing avoidance of obstacles which are not visible giving GPS coordinates.

Delivery of medicines to areas with inefficient infrastructure is our current focus but we are open minded to other opportunities. We believe this novel transportation mean can have a positive impact.

Alessandro was born in Italy, but he worked in several universities and research institutes in Europe and Africa. He holds a PhD in Medical Imaging and an MBA in international health. He is currently working as a researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology and as a lecturer at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He believes that Innovation is useless unless it is brought into practice. In fact, he worked in a cooperation projects in Ghana about prenatal care ( and he is currently following a projects using drones and artificial vision for delivering medicines.

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