WT VOX is a - 2015 - Top 10 Influencer in Wearables and IoT Landscape, outranked only by Intel, Misfit and Fitbit while massively outmatching CrunchWear, SlashGear, GigaOm and Plantronics just to name a few.

WT VOX covers the latest trends in Emerging Technologies, Internet of Things, Wearable Tech, Connected Cars, Implantables, Medical Tech, Smart Houses, Machine Learning, Robotics, Singularity, Transhumanism, Wearables Apps and related events across the world.

WT VOX bespoke IRP Solution (Influencer Relationship Program) allow companies to reach the right customers, at the right time with the right message, at an unprecedented scale by building relationships with key stakeholders and managing them over time. The IRP Solution surface credible and RELEVANT influencers for businesses looking to form the foundation of their marketing programmes. IRP Solution employs predictive algorithms and analytics, empowering companies to observe, understand and accurately predict future trends in IoT and Wearables while ultimately help them influence these future trends.

WT VOX offers an unique media platform that enable companies to capture real customer feedback everywhere the customer is - across the web, via social media, mobile and contact centre channels - process and understand in real-time while delivering vital, accurate insights and solutions in the IoT.

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