Natalia Koupanou

Faster Operationalisation of Machine Learning Models with a Feature Store

At Huge Inc, we invest in third-party products that can provide enriched data and predictions to our clients. This is possible because of an underlying MLOps infrastructure with a common feature store. In this talk, we will explore how a feature store, like Vertex provided by Google, can be a game changer for your data team to operationalise machine learning models faster. We will cover what's a feature store and its benefits, how can it be adopted, who can contribute to it and what you need to consider beforehand.

Natalia is an experienced Senior Manager, Lead Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and building established delivery teams. Before starting a career in fintech, Natalia worked in data across a number of tech companies in various sub-sectors such as ecommerce (Zoro) and proptech (Zoopla). Skilled in Strategy, Machine Learning, Data Modeling and Analytical Skills. Natalia enjoys mentoring and blogs about her technical and personal experiences on Medium (

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