Massimo Belloni

There Is No Such Thing As MLOps

After the huge hype and investments in data science and machine learning in the last decade, the word "MLOps" is on the lips of every data executive and - therefore - recruiter, trying to sell it as the new shiny thing. But do we really know what it's actually about? Since the 90s, DevOps specialists have always been a key part of every solid engineering team, taking care of all the messy and obscure aspects of delivering real things to real people; MLOps isn't much different, working both on cultural and technical sides of delivering data products at scale. Why do we need a different naming and skillset? In this talk, Massimo Belloni (Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Bumble) will give an overview of the current MLOps space, advices and best practices on building an engineering driven Data Science team and a lot of random opinions.

Massimo Belloni is a machine learning engineer and data science manager currently working at Bumble (London) as Machine Learning Engineering Lead. He previously was Team Lead of the Data Engineering team at HousingAnywhere (Rotterdam, NL) and graduated in computer engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Italy). He has quite a broad and random set of interests within and outside the AI space, with a focus on consciousness, weak vs strong AI debate and football. In his spare time, also burgers and kebabs evangelist.

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