Harpal Sahota

The journey of MLOps at MATCHESFASHION

MLOps at MATCHESFASHION started to gain traction approximately two years ago. Fast-forward those two years and we’re developing our own bespoke framework to monitor data/model drift, reproduce exact datasets using CDC/delta and we now have several models in production serving customers in real-time. This is scratching the surface of what we’re currently working on in the MLOps space. This talk will walk you through the conception of the framework, its uses and how MLOps is used within the company

Harpal started working as a Lead Data Scientist at MATCHESFASHION in July 2020. As a Lead, he was involved in building the Data Science team from scratch, educating stakeholders on the value of Data Science and was a key contributor to the digital transformation of business operations utilising Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He has a PhD in Computation Biology and has 10 years experience in solving complex business problems with innovative data solutions.

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