Christopher Yim

Garbage In Garbage Out - Applying AI to Waste Management

Recycleye is a growing technology company using advanced machine learning, computer vision and robotics to revolutionise waste sorting on a global level. Crushed, shredded, overlapping and dirty – detecting plastic recyclables is not easy with computer vision. And that isn't taking into consideration that waste varies dramatically by geography, time of year, special edition packaging etc. Our MLOps expert and Engineer, Chris Yim will talk you through some of the ways we bring order to this chaos.

Chris Yim is MLOps Engineer at Recycleye. He graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering before taking engineering roles in the automotive industry. He then returned to Imperial, gaining an MSc in Computer Science before joining Recycleye. In his role at Recycleye, Chris develops custom ML models for the waste industry. Each recycling facility faces unique challenges when deploying ML models, requiring bespoke solution-oriented architecture to ensure the highest level of efficiency and accuracy in generating output. Applying the use of machine learning to waste and material detection and selection is at the core of what Recycleye does.

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