Christian Rehm

How Wayfair Leverages Google Vertex AI Towards MLOps Excellence

At Wayfair, we use machine learning to create experiences that our customers love, from search over personalization and recommendation to delivery time predictions. Supporting these high-impact use cases at scale requires robust and agile systems. Just as our recent growth necessitated a move from on-prem to public cloud based services, it required us to re-think our ML engineering strategy and move from home-grown custom solutions to industry-proven fully managed cloud based solutions. As we already made the decision to move our core systems to Google's Cloud Platform, it was natural to follow lead for our ML platform and tooling, which led us to invest heavily into Vertex AI, Google's end-to-end ML platform. In this talk, I will present the experience we had onboarding Vertex AI as well as the tooling and processes we have built to integrate and support it into our existing systems.

Christian is a seasoned Machine Learning Engineer with experience in ML research and engineering across the automotive, adtech and e-commerce industries. Most recently, he uses his broad experience to build processes and solutions that bring the latest cutting edge models from ML research to production at Wayfair.

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