Casper da Costa-Luis

Painless cloud orchestration without leaving your IDE

Full lifecycle management of computing resources (including GPUs and auto-respawning spot instances) from several cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, GCP, K8s)... without needing to be a cloud expert. Move experiments seamlessly between a local laptop, a powerful cloud machine, and your CI/CD of choice.

Iterative's open source, modular tools aim to deliver the best developer experience for ML teams. This talk will demonstrate how easy it is to use spot instances (with transparent data checkpoint/restore), switch between cloud providers (so no vendor lock-in), and keep costs down (with auto-cleanup of unused resources). This works whether you prefer to experiment in an IDE, a Jupyter Notebook, or even a raw terminal.

Casper is a scientist at heart with a passion for maximising tooling ease of use (including simplifying installation, testing robustness, minimising breaking API changes, and maintaining impeccable documentation). He champions open source, and maintains projects receiving millions of daily downloads. In addition to 10+ years of experience in industry, he also has strong links to academia — with a PhD in Deep Learning for Medical Imaging (KCL), an MSc in Computing Science & BSc in Physics (both Imperial) — and has taught ML & programming at most universities in London.

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