Aerin Booth

“Is Dall-E ethical? The Real-World Impacts of Machine Learning.”

A hammer is just a tool, but you could use it to make something or break something. Put yourself in the shoes of the scientists who discovered how to turn oil into plastic. Software Engineers and Developers are now at the forefront of how we turn electricity and algorithms into work that might even have a worse impact on the world than single use plastic. Machine Learning & Diffusion algorithms have changed the way we can create art and have given us new tools, like Dall-E, that can lower the barrier to entry so that anyone could change the world and tell stories in art... or it could cause more harm than good.

But if you have to build that new model, Cloud Computing allows us to be more efficient than ever by using intensive compute resources like GPUs that still produce Carbon Emissions (even if they are offset!). I'll help you understand how you can host things more efficiently. And how you could even send your batch jobs to providers like Genesis Cloud who offer GPU resources in Iceland and Norway that are 100% powered by renewables!

Aerin Booth is a Cloud Sustainability Advocate, AWS Community Builder, Genesis Cloud collaborator & the founder of Cloud Sustainably. They’re on a mission to get more developers talking about Sustainability and Green IT. Aerin started their career working with digital teams in the UK government before working their way to become the Head of Cloud at the UK Home Office. While at the Home Office they led the creation of their Cloud Centre of Excellence, training 100’s of staff, introducing automated governance tools and even saved the department over £10m over 3 years through optimisation and reducing usage. Aerin is on a mission to help make businesses more sustainable & ethical and to do so, they have recently set up a podcast focused on Cloud Sustainability, Public Cloud for Public Good.

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