Tim Yandel

Fighting AI Bias: Saving the Soul of AI

Tim Yandel from Sama will discuss the importance of AI Bias, its impact on machine learning algorithms and what we can all do collectively to save the soul of AI moving forward. In addition to individuals and politicians, companies with AI as a core strategic initiative have the power to incite real change and it needs to happen now.

Key Takeaways:

*Overview of the Bias Problem

*How to counter and avoid bias entering your algorithms

*Building Ethical AI for the future

Tim Yandel is the VP of Global Sales at Sama, a certified B Corp that helps build the world's most advanced machine learning algorithms while providing a real impact in the world. Tim is passionate about fostering a Sama culture that cares deeply about helping clients watch their AI itiatives come to life and an ensure the impact of these initiatives change lives for the better.

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