Tijmen Blankevoort

The Future of AI: Active Learning

The real potential of Artificial Intelligence, is making everyone’s home and work environments smart. Software for work, home and leisure will know greater intelligence, changing itself to your specific person and purpose. Think of medical software learning from doctors, steel inspection software learning from operators and home robots learning from you. The only way to democratize AI is to enable anyone to teach an AI to perform a task. In this presentation, Tijmen Blankevoort, CTO of Scyfer, explains this philosophy, how we should change focus in AI to reach this goal, and ramifications for our future.

Tijmen Blankevoort is co-founder and CTO of Scyfer, a spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam specialized in bringing Artificial Intelligence to business. He advises multinationals and other companies in the Netherlands on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and its practical applications Tijmen can often be found on stage presenting about the newest developments in AI in an enthusiastic and engaging fashion.

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