Laurens Hogeweg

The Challenges of Developing an Active Deep-Learning Platform

Deep learning is usually linked to Big Data. However, there are several scientific, engineering and medical imaging problems with limited data available (e.g. rare medical conditions). Can Deep Learning prove a useful tool in such cases? COSMONiO is designing NOUS, an active deep learning platform that aims to make high-accuracy predictions using significantly smaller training datasets. NOUS aims to allow experts from any field to train neural networks without any prior experience. We will discuss the main challenges and how we address them.

Dr. Laurens Hogeweg completed his PhD on medical image processing using machine learning in 2013 at the Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands after having acquired MSc degrees in both medicine and biomedical technology from the University of Groningen. After his PhD he went to industry and developed cloud-based solutions for processing of large image datasets. In 2016 he joined COSMONiO as a research scientist on the topic of deep learning for image processing. His research interest is in the area of learning from small data.

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