Appu Shaji

Recording The Visual Mind: Understanding Aesthetics with Deep Learning

With the rise of mobile cameras, the process of capturing good photos has been democratized - and this overload of content has created a challenge in search. One of the important aspects of photography is that every image communicates with a different audience in different form. This talk will address how we use computer vision techniques at EyeEm measure visual aesthetics in photography -and beyond that- personalize the image search experience to find the photos you personally find beautiful.

Appu is the Head, Research & Development at EyeEm. His first company,, was acquired by EyeEm in 2014 and also held post-doctoral positions at EPFL working alongside Prof. Sabine Süsstrunk and Prof. Pascal Fua. In 2009, Appu obtained his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay, where he was awarded best thesis from Computer Science Dept. He was also selected as one of the most promising 20 entrepreneurs of Switzerland in 2013. His research has appeared in top computer vision journals and conferences such as TPAMI, CVPR, and ACM Multimedia etc.

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