Where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data.


Confirmed speakers listed below. The full speaker line up will be announced shortly. View the previous Machine Intelligence Summit here.

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Unlike a brick-and-mortar department store, online retailers like Zalando must use digital representations of their offerings to entice customers.To make the properties of a fashion item more accessible, Zalando collects the disjoint information in the catalog and map it into an abstract mathematical space, the ‘fashion space.’

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With 4 billion queries annually, according to L’Oréal’s estimation, beauty is one of the most searched terms on the internet today. So it’s not surprising that the French luxury cosmetics brand has ramped up its digital strategy, with the 2014 launch – and subsequent upgrade – of an augmented reality app, Makeup Genius.

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EyeEm, the social photo-sharing community and marketplace, has unveiled a clever new technology that lets photographers upload their images and run them through an algorithm for instant keywording and aesthetic ranking.

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Getting a machine to put one foot in front of the other has been a priority for roboticists for decades. Two years ago Sven Behnke and his team of the University of Bonn participated in the DARPA Robotics Challenge trying to tackle the issue of locomotion.

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Ingo Waldmann researches the characterization of extra solar planets by focusing on data analysis of time-resolved spectroscopic data and on the interpretation of exoplanetary spectra using inverse retrieval techniques. See how he applies machine learning in his current projects to resolve the issue of the huge data amount collected about extra solar planets.

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Daniel Gebler has a clear idea for his future and that of Picnic. “There are many exciting technology trends like AI, IoT, mobile, finance and quantified self that will shape the coming years. I’m looking forward to push these technologies to the next level and use them for impactful products that customers love”.

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The machine learning team at Catawiki has built algorithms and processes to augment their auctioneers, leveraging deep learning to a high degree. This allows the experts to spend significantly more time on difficult cases, promoting their auctions, and investing in relationships with buyers & sellers.

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App-based bodyweight training backed by a strong community: This is the unique success story of Freeletics which has become one of the largest fitness movements worldwide. CEO Daniel Sobhani explains the brand's success – and has important tips for startups.

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Why Attend

Extraordinary Speakers

Discover advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence from the world's leading innovators. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, natural language processing and computer vision. Explore how AI will impact transport, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more.

Discover Emerging Trends

The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in machine learning and their applications in business and society. Machine intelligence is enabling applications including virtual assistants, robots to help assisted living, and identifying items in videos. What else can it solve?

Expand Your Network

A unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & founders leading the machine intelligence revolution. Learn from & connect with 250+ industry innovators sharing best practices to advance machine learning and AI impact and opportunities.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Data Scientists
  • CTOs
  • Founders
  • Director of Engineering
  • CEOs
  • Data Engineers
  • Software Engineers

Join the discussion

  • 30 speakers
  • 250 leading technologists & innovators
  • Group brainstorming sessions
  • Interactive workshops
  • 7 + hours of networking
  • Access to all the filmed presentations
  • Discover technology shaping the future


View the summit brochure and all the information you need to convince your boss that attending the summit will help future-proof your business.

Topics We Cover

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

  • Drones


  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing

  • A I

    A I

  • Speech Recognition

    Speech Recognition

  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial Automation

  • Pattern Recognition

    Pattern Recognition

  • Robotics


Confirmed Attendees Include

  • Airbus
  • European Environment Agency
  • Vodafone
  • facebook
  • PwC
  • first imagine ventures
  • Accel
  • Beckhoff
  • TecAlliance
  • Nestlé
  • IBM
  • Zalando



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What they say


Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

"Excellent event. Good combination of highly technical and broader presentation that gave me a good understanding of the current state and potential of the Deep Learning" RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit San Fran 2015


Director of IoT Market Strategy, Xively

"'I’ve been to countless IoT events, and this was hands down one of the most interesting. It was nice to see actual people building actual connected products giving their perspective." RE•WORK IoT Summit Boston 2015


Future & Emerging Technologies Unit

"RE•WORK provided a unique mix of technology, from the exploration of latest scientific findings to startups that can make them a reality" RE•WORK Technology Summit London 2014

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Future Events

Machine Intelligence Summit Amsterdam

28 June 2017, Amsterdam

The Machine Intelligence Summit: where machine learning meets artificial intelligence. The rise of intelligent machines to make sense of data in the real world. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, natural language processing and computer vision. Explore how AI will impact transport, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more.

Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit Amsterdam

28 June 2017, Amsterdam

The Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit brings together leading industry players, exciting new startups and breakthrough technological research to create safer, smarter and more efficient transport. The event will showcase the next generation of connected vehicles, powered by the internet of things, artificial intelligence, connected devices, sensors, virtual assistants, wearables and predictive intelligence.

Women in Affective Computing Dinner London

13 September 2017, London

Leading minds in affective computing, emotional intelligence and machine learning will come together for an evening of networking and keynote presentations around the latest advancements and trends in artificial emotional intelligence. Join a multidisciplinary group of experts from computer science to psychology to cognitive science.


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