Robert Seidl

Robert Seidl started his first company while still in high school a long time ago. For the past three decades, he has started a number of software companies, held engineering as well as marketing and executive leadership roles, and worked in well known Silicon Valley companies like Apple and Adobe following acquisitions. Robert has an engineering background, but has always focused on creating user friendly products. In 1995 he founded the company that built the first commercial dedicated web page editor and web site management tool: PageMill, quickly acquired by Adobe and generating over 20M in sales in its first year. In 2000, Metacreations Inc. acquired his next company, Canoma, whose technology allowed rapid creation of photorealistic, textured 3D models from images. You might also have seen these concepts in Google’s Building Maker software. Since 2002, he has managed Realtime Video Systems, a technology licensing company that provides US drone vendors with video processing and object tracking software. Meanwhile, he cofounded a MDV/Accel/Emergence/Walden funded startup called which provides sales and marketing people at B2B companies with easy to use and realtime lead generation and nurturing tools.

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