John Cordell

AI, The Cloud, and Data: Building the Foundation of the Autonomous Vehicle

While Silicon Valley software companies are battling to be the first to create fully autonomous vehicles, there is a quiet evolution happening in the background that is building the foundation for these vehicles: data collection, with insights powered by AI and machine learning. AI technology is learning about driver habits from a variety of data collection points, and this data gives automakers powerful business intelligence that will help them shape the vehicles and services of tomorrow, while providing customers with an unforgettable personalized experience. In this presentation, John Cordell, Chief Product Officer of Xevo AI, will share his thoughts on how the connected vehicle technology of today and the near future will shape autonomous and self-driving systems. He will detail the technology that can be applied today to power autonomous technology of tomorrow. He will also mention his experience with Xevo in the connected car space and how machine learning in automotive can even work with small CPU power – low-cost devices already or soon to be in most cars. Self-driving cars may not be ready to hit the road just yet, but the technology of the smart cars of tomorrow can be implemented in cars today.

John Cordell is the Chief Product Officer of Xevo AI. He began his career at Microsoft during the 1990s, where he was one of the original developers of Internet Explorer. He went on to cofound Avogadro in 2000, a leading mobile software company that was acquired one year later by OpenWave. Before joining Xevo, John joined in 2014 as a lead software architect and the head of product design. John has also worked in film writing and production in Los Angeles as a technical consultant on the AMC drama series about the early PC revolution, Halt and Catch Fire.

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