Synced is a leading global information and business service provider in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As one of the most influential content creator in this space, Synced produces professional and authoritative editorial content relating to machine intelligence. With a global team of journalists, analysts and content contributors, Synced is proud to provide on-the-spot reporting on international and professional academic conferences; conduct in-depth, data-driven industry research reports; locate the latest trend and communicate industry insight. Synced has a total readership over 1.5 million across multiple platforms, including Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Apple News, WeChat, and other major content platforms.

In addition to its core media activities, Synced also provides services to enterprises with integrated, end-to-end global market entrance consulting; and helps our clients identify suitable partners and talents with the right resources and expertise on a global scale. Leveraging its close ties with the tech industry around the globe, Synced has successfully organized conferences, Hackathon, data challenges, tech-sharing events, closed-door business events, with over 20,000 professionals globally.

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