Steve Banfield

Data-Driven: Enabling the Road Ahead with Big Data from the Connected Car

The car is quickly being transformed by technology, becoming one more of the hyper-connected devices in our lives. Autonomous driving is becoming more and more of a reality, with many technology innovators stepping to the plate with new strategies to bring this reality to fruition. The fluidity of data between cars, smartphones and our entire personal and professional network will become seamless. However, this is not possible without Big Data from the Connected Car. How can today’s Big Data technologies prepare us and gain our trust for tomorrow’s autonomous driving world? How will this change cars, driving and traffic as we know it and what are some of the advances we'll see as a result? In this session, Steve Banfield with give us insights on cutting-edge car technologies and how these technologies will enable automakers, transportation agencies and enterprises alike prepare for the brave new world of autonomous driving and how quickly it is becoming a reality.

Steve Banfield is a 20-year technology industry veteran who has led teams to build and market digital products and services used by millions worldwide. Prior to INRIX, Steve served as SVP & GM, Registrar Services at Rightside, where he was responsible for the second largest domain registrar worldwide and helped launch the new generation of top level domains (TLDs) into the market. He has held senior leadership roles at premier technology companies including Sony, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures (Screenlife) and RealNetworks. Steve has an MBA from Harvard Business School and received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Transylvania University.

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