Scott Sundvor

Bytes Before Bites – How Access to Data in the Internet of Food Will Improve your Health

Connected devices monitor steps, sleep and heart rate, but what about the food we’re eating to fuel our bodies? Wearables are only tracking half of our health. We don’t know what’s in our food, and for the millions who have sensitivities and intolerances, the potential for getting sick is lurking at every meal. Join 6SensorLabs Co-founder and CTO Scott Sundvor for a look at the devices that are revealing exactly what’s in our food and how they can unlock a new level of health through rapid testing, data collection and social communities.

Scott graduated from MIT with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a focus in Product Design and Development. Previously, Scott worked in operations and management at Stroud Consulting, and in early product dev at Johnson & Johnson. At 6SensorLabs, Scott’s main focuses are product vision and product development process. He covers everything from early design to prototyping to sourcing suppliers and vendors to manufacturing the product. Scott is passionate about beautifully designed products, healthy living, and exceedingly comfortable chairs (or hammocks - those are great too).

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