Nahid Alam

Connected Devices: Getting Real on Usages

Does it matter if you are building a 'connected device'? Are you solving a problem or creating more problems? To find the answer, we have to go back to the 1st principle – does it offer any value to your customer? Nahid Alam looks at the trends in connected devices and discusses the challenges and potential solutions in building products that solve a real use case. Obe ( is a dog wellness platform that guides your dog to good health.

Nahid Alam (@nahidalam) is the CTO and Co-founder at Obe, Inc ( Obe builds products for dogs. Obe's 1st product is a smart dog bowl that tracks the food and water intake of your dog. Earlier, Nahid was a Sr. Design Engineer at Intel and a proponent of DIY maker movement with Intel Architecture. She loves all things hardware, founded litehouse (, TEDx speaker, invited speaker at Google etc. and co-chair at Open Hardware Summit. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Nahid sold a messaging startup out of college. She is trilingual and holds a Masters in Computer Engineering.

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