Jonathan Steel

The AirSensa air quality network - a real-world example of the IoT

40,000 people a year in the UK die prematurely because of poor air quality - nearly 10 times as many as die in road accidents - and it costs our economy more than £20bn. The same is proportionately true of most industrialised nations around the world. Why is it not higher up everyone's agenda? Deliver Change is a non-profit that believes it should be, and is creating a network of air-quality monitors in the UK to better inform the public and policy-makers alike. We’ve overcome many technology, financing, and political hurdles in delivering the project, breaking some of the key IoT/Smart City 'rules' along the way. This is how we did it.

As co-founder and CEO of Deliver Change Ltd, Jonathan has created a new model of technology-enabled not-for-profit organisation, which is helping to improve health, liveability, and economic outcomes for urban centres - primarily in London but increasingly in other cities. Partnered with Defra, the Greater London Authority, TfL, Cambridge University, Kings College London, and many other organisations, Deliver Change is backed entirely by private sector funding. The largest current Deliver Change project is AirSensaTM - the most detailed air quality monitoring sensor and big data platform in the world - rolled out initially in London but increasingly trialling in cities around the world. Before founding Deliver Change, Jonathan founded (1997) The Bathwick Group, a successful research-based consultancy specialising in disruptive business platforms, performance benchmarking, systems thinking, and smart cities.

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