Jeff Stein

Putting Sensors on Closed Economies, Global Oil Supply and Deforestation

The future of the Internet of Things promises a whole new wealth of data on all of the "things" we own. But what about the things we don't own, like deforestation, global oil supply, and even closed economies? The view from space lets us take a step back and see the world through a macroscope. Remote sensing – the analysis of satellite images at scale – is the technology behind the macroscope. Orbital Insight applies advanced artificial intelligence and big data analytical technologies to satellite imagery to deliver actionable intelligence for investors, governments and environmental groups alike. This session will explore how remote sensing can deliver new insights for decision-makers across all industries. There are many reasons for why we need access to data on things we don't own directly – national security, sustainability, stability, and growth – but it all comes down to the desire to make better-informed, data-driven decisions.

Jeff Stein is an entrepreneur who is passionate about building a better world – a more open, transparent, civil society. His company, Orbital Insight, is leading the way through big data analysis of satellite imagery and other remote sensing data sources. Jeff’s career prior to Orbital Insight has been focused on bringing transparency to society through policy reforms and software technology. As co-founder of the Water Protection Network, he led a nationwide grassroots campaign to reform the Army Corps of Engineers, which resulted in Congress passing into law landmark transparency and accountability reforms. As founder of Open Data Registry, a venture backed software company, he developed technology to track the environmental impacts of manufacturing consumer goods across complex global supply chains, working with major Fortune 500 companies.

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