Jarie Bolander

Real Time Predictive Monitoring and Modeling of Clinical Samples in Transit to Ensure Sample Viability

Clinical samples in transit are required to be maintained at precise temperatures to ensure sample viability. Traditional methods for ensuring temperature stability of samples in transit have relied on labor intensive processes that cannot predict when samples may become unviable and furthermore, these traditional processes are error prone and inconsistent. T-Tracks ™ allows laboratory staff to monitor the temperature a sample has been kept at, its location and any reported transportation issues while in transit using the latest advances in IoT technology.

Jarie Bolander is the Chief Operating Officer of Lab Sensor Solutions a company that provides sample tracking solutions for clinical laboratories. He has over 10 issued and pending patents and has been bring innovative products to market for over 20 years. He is also the author of Frustration Free Technical Management a book gives technical mangers tips, tools and techniques to thrive as a manager.

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