James Parr

AI for space exploration: the first four years of FDL with NASA and ESA.

Over the past four years, NASA’s Frontier development lab has learnt how to apply a broad AI toolbox to challenges in space exploration for the benefit of humanity - such as defending our planet from Asteroids, Comets and Space Weather as well as improving autonomous robotic exploration of the Moon and broadening our ability to detect exoplanets and understand extraterrestrial biospheres. In 2018, FDL also ran in Europe in association with ESA, applying AI to terrestrial challenges in disaster response and mapping informal settlements. In this talk, the Director of FDL will talk about the patterns that are emerging in AI application and the potential on the horizon. James is the founder and CEO of Trillium Technologies - a technology contractor that specialises in the application of emerging technologies to grand challenges, such as climate change, violent extremism, prevention strategies for cancer and obesity, deforestation mitigation, climate resilience and planetary defence from asteroids.

He is Director of NASA’s Frontier Development Lab (FDL) an AI research accelerator based in Silicon Valley and FDL Europe, in partnership with ESA. He is also founder of the Open Space Agency (OSA) - which is dedicated to democratisation of space exploration through citizen science and open hardware.

He lives in London with his wife and twin daughters.

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