Haomiao Huang

Taking IoT Technology From “Nice to Have” to “Must Have”

The rise of IoT technology has given way to many products that take on a more “this is cool” identity to consumers rather than a “this is necessary for my daily life.” In this session, Haomiao will discuss how to remove the gimmicks from IoT technologies and create must-have products that people need and rely on for important parts of their daily lives. Haomiao will also discuss the barriers some IoT technologies face and where they are headed in the future in terms of becoming essential for consumers.

Haomiao Huang is a co-founder of Kuna Systems and CTO. As CTO, Haomiao focuses on the technological developments of Kuna’s smart light fixture and IoT ecosystem. A technology entrepreneur, Haomiao is interested in robotics, sensor networks and anything else at the intersection of the physical world and computing. He has previously co-founded two technology companies, and is an alum of StartX and YCombinator. Haomiao has over 10 years of experience in robotics and controls from research at Caltech, Stanford, and Berkeley, and is also a contributing writer for Ars Technica.

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