Florian Michahelles

Augmenting Human Capabilities with AI - Towards Digital Companions

Florian Michahelles heads the Artificial & Human Intelligence research group focused on creating digital companions for industry with the aim to augment human capabilities. He will present the potential and limitations of AI and present examples of how to complement human capabilities rather than replacing them. Additionally, he will introduce corporate cross-functional initiatives of how to upscale workers in the digital age. Florian will present results and reflect on the lessons learned on the journey.

Florian Michahelles is the head of research group of Artificial & Human Intelligence at Siemens Corporation in Berkeley. Together with his team he focuses on the creation of Digital Companions for Industry. A Digital Companion is an entity that enhances human capabilities. It digests, integrates, and shares information with humans so they can focus on meaningful tasks. According to the user needs, a Digital Companion can act as a guardian, assistant, or partner. The Digital Companion embodiment adapts to what best suits the current user context and needs.

Prior his engagement with Siemens, Florian has been working as a director of the Auto-ID lab and lecturer at ETH Zurich. Florian has published 100+ academic papers in international conferences and journals and is actively supporting the research community by voluntary roles as program chair, research proposal evaluator and guest lecturer.

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