Collie Brown

Artificial Intelligence: Leading the Quiet Revolution

Exponentially increasing computing and the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) could bury the world in volumes of unintelligible data. To solve this problem before it gets too big to handle, the world’s thinkers are looking for intelligent technology that can make sense of the impending sea of data. Contrary to public opinion, that technology is not far away. In fact, that intelligent technology exists today. It is the Artificial Intelligence Engine. In this talk, Collie Brown, will introduce new topics like Phantom Technology, delve into current and future applications of artificial intelligence technology, and discuss and the changing ways in which humans will interact with the world around them.

Collie D. Brown is an inventor and software engineer with over twenty years of experience designing and building groundbreaking systems in communication and home finance. An influential part of the team that created the first-ever completely electronic end-to-end mortgage origination transaction, Brown has continued his pioneering ways. An avid tinkerer, Brown has spent the past 8 years building a sentient Artificial Intelligence Engine that employs a unique logic algorithm, and he has insights he cannot wait to share. Collie Brown has been named an expert in Technology and Social Trends, by the international strategy and forecasting corporation, TechCast Global, joining their select panel of 150 top executives, scientists, engineers, and futurists from around the world.

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