Adi Singh

As the world enters an era defined by machine learning, connectivity and big data, Ford is driving the future of innovation from within the automotive industry by bridging the gap between cars and the Internet of Things. Through its experiments at the Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, the Blue Oval is studying applications and implications of transforming the car from merely an engine on four wheels to a system capable of communicating and coordinating with any device hooked to the cloud. In this talk, Ford research scientist Adi Singh provides insights into how Ford is researching the Internet of Things to develop platforms that tackle the most pertinent problems in urban mobility today.

Adi Singh is a scientist at the Research & Advanced Engineering division of Ford, where he leads explorations into software and system architectures that support the company's work in IoT and mobility. A product of Stanford University, Adi completed his graduate work in Aeronautics & Astronautics focusing on UAVs. Adi's interests lie in bringing the most cutting-edge technology solutions into the automotive industry, and in demonstrating how these technologies can enable the industry to tackle the biggest challenges in mobility, sustainability and connectivity faced by our generation.

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