Aaron Steele

Beyond the Headless Map

Many of today’s maps are traditional, giving you a full picture of a particular space, like your current location on a Google Map. But there’s a growing trend of headless maps. Consider Tinder which is a giant map of potential partners where you never see a map. With IoT we can imagine going beyond the headless map into a world of no maps at all. For example, you say “ok car, let’s go to LA” and it maps out the best way to get there from streams of real-time sensor data from roads, satellites, traffic, weather, etc. In this talk we explore a future where we might stop looking at our maps altogether, because IoT is the map.

Aaron Steele is Sr. Vice President of Technical Business Development at CartoDB where he thinks creatively about the future and is responsible for company growth. Aaron holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Before CartoDB, Aaron was CTO and Principal Software Engineer at World Resources Institute. His career started in academia, bridging gaps between biodiversity science, big data, and the web.

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