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Coffee & Registration

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Nophar Geifman

Nophar Geifman - Lecturer - University of Manchester

Overview of Machine Learning Including Case Studies & Examples in Healthcare

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Coffee Break

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 Andreas Theodorou

Andreas Theodorou - Teaching Fellow - University of Bath

Ethics, Accountability, Bias and Fairness

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David Clifton

David Clifton - Associate Professor of Engineering Science - University of Oxford

Future Healthcare and Future Policies

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Maria Chatzou

Maria Chatzou - CEO - Lifebit

Case Study: How Advances in AI and Genomics Are Shaping Medicine

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Group Discussion

Group Discussion - - Session 6

What are the key questions to consider when applying ML to healthcare and medicine? How can you evaluate the impact of ML on data? Which ML frameworks are most suitable?

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Closing Q&A

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Workshop Ends

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