Sandra Forstner

Personalised Food for an Ageing Society

Many diseases, including dementia, dysphagia and some cancers, inhibit the ability to eat, leading to nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition. In the past the only alternative for these patients has been porridge-like food that’s unappetising and – for many – depressing. Sandra Forstner will reveal how Smoothfood changes all by combining classical cooking techniques with the latest food texturing systems to create foods that anyone can eat and will brief us further on the next stage in Smoothfood’s evolution – the application of 3D printing ‘on demand’ that matches the nutritional requirements of each patient.

Sandra Forstner works as a project manager within Strategic Research in Biozoon. She holds a BSc in food technology focusing on functional food and ingredients. From her combined experience in academia and industry, she has gained professional know-how within food ingredients and processing technologies complemented by successful management, both as a participant and as coordinator of several European and national RTD projects. Within the projects, she currently focuses on the research and development of personalised nutrition for the frail and elderly.

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