Peter Blezard

The Green Nitrogen Revolution

Azotic Technologies has developed a natural nitrogen technology (N-Fix®) that provides a sustainable solution to fertiliser overuse. This unique technology provides plants with the ability to fix approximately 50% of their nitrogen needs from the air thereby reducing the dependency on nitrogen based fertilisers.

N-Fix® improves agricultural productivity as well as reducing nitrogen fertiliser usage. It is based on a natural food grade bacterium which is derived from sugarcane. This environmentally friendly bacterium converts atmospheric nitrogen into a form that the plant can use.

Sustainable agriculture needs biological nitrogen fixation at a time when more food is needed to feed an increasing population.

Peter is responsible for commercial issues, business development and sales. His prime objectives are to successfully commercialise N-Fix and achieve Azotic’s corporate milestones.

Peter has extensive experience in pioneering new products into new markets and in working with major companies on a global basis at board level. He has a strategic focus on new technologies for sustainable agriculture. He is highly experienced in pioneering products into new markets.

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