Nahuel Lavino

Precision Agriculture: Sensors & BigData

Farmers today have no empirical data of the situation of their fields and depend mostly on previous experience to make decisions putting Agriculture as one of the most outdated yet essential markets today. With the increase in population, food demand and scarcity of resources, there is a a lot of pressure on farmers to produce more. Using sensors, analytics and data science, this presentation can show you how by having detailed information from your fields will help you make better informed decisions, reducing the amount of resources while increasing the quality and quantity of your crops.

Born in a farm in Argentina, Nahuel learnt first hand how to manage a farm. Once he grew up, he moved to Europe where he studied robotics and mechatronics. Today, he fused his passion of technology and making the world a better place with his first love, agriculture, to tackle one of the biggest problems of the 21st century: Food Security

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