Jonathan Lodge

Jonathan started his career with a degree in Design Technology. After finding the south east was too expensive to run a manufacturing business that was too small to be big but too big to be small he moved into the accounting world. Building on the experience of running a small business he used his knowledge in many interim roles in some major organisations. He gained international recognition at Avery Dennison for creating the process to move inter-company accountant roles into a new Europe wide shared services. Moving into the public sector Jonathan was regularly head-hunted for interim roles in the NHS and as Interim Business Manager for the Thames Valley Police Training College. Here Jonathan also project managed the creation of the training program for PCSOs –that was later adopted throughout the country.

It was on a winter’s night trip home from this last role when he became stuck in traffic behind a supermarket lorry – only yards from the store it was trying to get to. Finding the shelves inside were empty (no doubt because the lorry should have arrived much sooner) the thinking began. That was the easy bit – the development path has been long and difficult with the need to create a new business model. Having met most of the internationally recognised leaders in the Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture field Jonathan has been encouraged that his research brings together the thinking of those that seek to maximise production whilst reducing costly inputs.

This research has lead to the filing of a patent, recognition as a winning concept by the RBS Innovation Gateway, a finalist in the 2degrees Champion Awards and winning an Entrepreneurial Spark Special Merit award.

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