Jake Norman

How will robotics and automation change food processing?

Food manufacturing is presented with a perfect storm driven by the living wage; flat line productivity and food deflation. Advanced technology and robotics can address these issues yet the UK is seriously lagging the developed world in its implementation, China buys 70 robots for every 1 bought in the UK!

OAL have been working with the University of Lincoln to develop APRIL, a robotic chef that allows users to scale up how chefs prepare restaurant food using flexible robotic cells. APRIL links proven state of the art cooking and materials handling technologies with automated robotic ingredient loading. A full-scale demonstration system is installed at the University's National Centre for Food Manufacturing.

Jake Norman started working at OAL after graduating from the University of Bristol with a degree in Economics & Management. Having previously worked for Deloitte in both Audit and Consultancy streams, he recognised that he could make the biggest impact in an innovative SME.

Passionate about improving food, Jake has been heavily involved with OAL’s two £1million UK government funded Innovate UK projects seeking to improve the cooking (steam infusion) and cooling of food products (cryogenic cooling). Their latest innovation is APRIL, a robotic chefs that links technologies to disrupt the way we manufacture food.

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